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Young At Heart, Longstanding In Our Industry

Since 2004, we've been beating the "Business First. Online Second.℠" drum, and it's more than just a catchy (and trademarked!) saying. It’s a corporate philosophy. It dictates how we work, who we hire, and becomes a personal maxim for every Titan (check out their profiles for proof). We get to know your business, we get to know you, and most importantly, we work with you to eliminate the mystery typically shrouding the interwebs.  

Read below to learn about our values, meet our team, and even apply to be a Titan.  


There are 5 traits every Titan must possess, in their own authentic fashion.

  • Letter P


    On fire from the inside.

  • letter o for potis


    Carry your own bag.

  • letter t


    If you want to go far, go together.

  • letter i


    Lean In.

  • letter s


    No amateurs allowed.

"We intentionally hire a broad set of personalities, and we want everyone to be their genuine, authentic self. But we DO expect everyone to demonstrate POTIS every day, in their own way. It's how we hold ourselves and our fellow Titans accountable."

- Darin Lynch, Irish Titan Founder & CEO.

Our Team Structure

We're the sum of our parts.

  • Sales

    Making the wheels of industry turn and keeping us all in our jobs. (Their words.)

  • Marketing

    Attracting, converting, and delighting our clients. Also keeping us all in our jobs.

  • Account Manager

    Our "relationship whisperers". Remember; partnerships, not transactions.

  • Project Manager

    Orchestrating and delivering all of our B1O2 experiences.

  • Digital Strategy

    Data-driven geniuses (unconfirmed) charting a client's course to digital domination.

  • Creative (UI, UX, Copy)

    Experts in design, content, form, and function...and coffee. It's a creative thing.

  • Frontend Dev

    At the coalface, laying the groundwork for success. Don't tell Backend we said that.

  • Backend Dev

    At the coalface, laying the groundwork for success. Don't tell Frontend we said that.

  • Operations

    "Everything" seems a little broad, but it's not far off the mark.

Meet the team

Why we work here.

(And why you should, too.)

  • person drawing on white board

    You can write on walls

    Not every wall, but a lot. Also, you'll be surrounded by interesting people doing interesting things in interesting ways.

  • food setup


    A pretty killer office

    Seriously, our office is fabulous, especially if you like green. You like green, right?


  • doctor

    Insurance and Retirement

    Medical, Disability, Life and 401k. We’ve got you covered. (Covered. Get it? Whatever.)

  • watch

    Flexible schedule

    We like to treat people like adults who earn the right to be treated like adults. Demonstrate POTIS, and you earn some flexibility.

  • taco

    We take lunch very seriously

    Food truck Thursdays, a dedicated Slack channel, and next-level birthday treats; It’s all a big deal here. We're not kidding. Our lunch game is strong.

  • beer

    Coffee, La Croix, and Beer

    Free coffee? Tick. Free La Croix? Tick. (Free pop, too. We don’t judge.) Free beer (and wine and whiskey)? Tick, (but later in the day). Remember...we're Irish Titan, not Amish Titan (no offense to Kingpin).

  • dog

    Pet-friendly environment

    Though we have yet to see a cat (or a llama, for that matter), we have our dogs here just about every day. Not a cat/dog/llama lover? We have safe rooms for that.

  • danceguy

    Sit/Stand Desks

    Sit or stand. Your desk, your choice. No forms to fill. No applications to complete. No questions to answer. Again; sit or stand. Your desk, your choice.

  • party hat

    Field trips & company parties

    Get out of here! No, really. From time to time we just encourage everyone to get out of the office and go have some management approved, officially sanctioned fun. Boxing. Puzzle Rooms. Massages. Fun is good. We like fun.

  • praise hands

    The Batpole

    The quickest way downstairs and the longest way back up. It can be done. We've seen it done. We have proof. We even have a Batpole waiver form. Again, not a typo.

  • bags

    Recognition and Swag

    New Titans get an (awesome) t-shirt, an (awesome) backpack, and...a notebook. Titans get a personalized Irish Titan rugby at their 1 year anniversary. And Titans of the Quarter get a personalized Titan's cube for lifetime possessions.

Current position openings

Want to work with us and don't see an opening? Drop us a line and tell us why you’d be a great Titan.

Software Engineering Manager

This is not a “by the numbers” job, because we are not a “by the numbers” company.  We are…