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Marketing Manager

We are a growing digital agency seeking a talented, driven individual to come along not for the ride, but to help chart the course. We’re looking for someone to do more than just fit in; we’re looking for someone to make us better. Culture is on a par with competence, and ours is based on a combination of:

  • Business First, Online Second™ (Our “Why“)
  • Partnerships, Not Transactions (Our “How“)
  • POTIS (Just ask)

Full disclosure: This is not a “by the numbers” job, because we are not a “by the numbers” company. We are, however, the recipient of multiple Best Places to Work awards, and a place for the brave and bold.

You will be responsible for the planning and execution of Irish Titan’s daily and weekly marketing activities, while also working alongside Irish Titan management to define strategic marketing initiatives and shape those into timely deliverables. You will be a highly visible Titan, working across teams inside Irish Titan as well as working closely with digital and ecommerce industry professionals. 

About You

  • You are a multi-tasking jedi, shifting from content creation to campaign management to event marketing to internal marketing activities with ease and grace
  • You are an easygoing leader with a “how can we” spirit, inspiring cross-functional collaboration and idea progress, whether the idea is yours or a fellow Titan’s
  • You “learn more than you’re taught”, embracing conceptual opportunities, taking initiative to navigate ambiguity, and transforming direction to deliverables, embracing shenanigans but avoiding drama along the way
  • You’re a gifted ventriloquist, speaking in Irish Titan’s voice across all mediums, from email campaigns to external marketing materials to social media channels to website copy

About the Role

  • Success measurements include website traffic, social interactions, content production and performance, event attendance and metrics, and the POTIS caliber of your internal interactions.
  • You’ll be responsible for the marketing performance of the Irish Titan website, including content and content management, design direction, as well as features, functionality and enhancements.
  • You’ll play a significant role in event marketing. These events may require invitation and attendance tasks, signage, marketing materials, and production.
  • You’ll co-plan and execute campaigns, from social to email to multi-channel. Managing audience, messaging, analytics, and metric goals (acquisition, conversion, engagement) will be important.
  • You’ll be responsible for Irish Titan’s social media presence across all channels, including analytics, postings, account structure, and community management, all in the Irish Titan voice.
  • You’ll work with account and executive Titans to plan external marketing collateral, such as one-pagers and brochures, then work with designers and production to bring them to life.
  • You’ll participate in defining and improving Irish Titan’s marketing process and procedures.
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